Paso Fino Horses
The mount of the Spanish Conquistadors, the smooth-gaited Paso Fino captures the hearts of horse lovers everywhere. The Paso Fino is the oldest true native breed of horse in the Western Hemisphere. Over 500 years ago, on his second voyage from Spain, Columbus brought a select group of mares and stallions from the provinces of Andalusia and Cordela, and settled them at Santa Domingo. These horses were a mixture of Barb, Andalusian and Spanish Jennet. The Spanish Jennet not only possessed an extremely comfortable saddle gait, but also was able to pass the gait on to its offspring. The result of the blending of these horses was to become known as the Paso Fino breed - the horse with the incredibly smooth gait.

American Flyer Trains
American Flyer® S Gauge trains were made from 1946 to 1966 by the A.C. Gilbert Company in New Haven, Connecticut. These electric toy trains were known as tinplate from the days before plastics when toys were tinplated in factories. The American Flyer® line of toy trains reached their market peak in the mid to late 1950s. While the American Flyer line was never as extensive as that of Lionel, American Flyer always offered realism and some interesting accessories at a price more affordable to the masses. Many of those accessories are in high demand today, and are used by Lionel operators as well. Gilbert American Flyer also offered unique special features like syncronized Smoke and Choo Choo Sounds. Recently, Lionel has begun reintroducing several of those accessories.

Other Things
In addition to horses and trains, we have many other interests. Our children, grandchildren, dachshunds and various other pets always keep us on our toes. We like to trail ride and try our hand once in a whlie at cow sorting. We are members of the Texas Paso Fino Horse Association and participate in many of their activities. Our eight acres in Splendora, TX are a haven for antique roses, gorgeous Texas Wood Ducks, blue birds, hummingbirds and many other forms of wildlife. We've been truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to live in such a place. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and that you enjoy the photos and stories it contains. We are always willing to make new friends, so if you have a question or would like more information on anything you see, just click on the Contact tab and leave us a message ~ Sincerely, The Gips

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